Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where We Live!

The theme for the second week of the school year was "Where We Live". All of my class but one lives in New Jersey, one lives in Pennsylvania, so we spent the week talking about both.

This week we readWish You Were Here by Kathleen Krull (only the NJ and PA pages)
                                        Goodnight New Jersey by Adam Gamble
                                        Goodnight Philadelphia by Adam Gamble
                                        The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood
                                        The Loud Book by Deborah Underwood

Our question of the week was "Where do you Live?"

For our song this week we sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".

The activities that we did this week were mostly centered around our theme. We did a few things that continued letting the class get used to the classroom and routines. Last year I made the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree and I love having it at the entrance to my classroom with everyone's name letter on it. We took some time this week to get that project done. I traced the letter and wrote their name on it. The children colored their letters and I cut them out.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather this week and had went on multiple nature walks on our trail.

Partner play with treasure boxes, puzzles and my eggs boxes were definitely another hit this week.

Our school's back to school night is next week, and I like to have some kind of project out on the tables for parents to look at while they arrive. I found this project on pinterest and thought it would be cute to try out. The kids made their person, and I scribed one thing that they wanted to work on or do during this school year.

From the website I make a worksheet for each child with their full name, first and last. It has 3 lines for the children to trace their name and one line for them to write it on their own. I like to do these a few times throughout the year to see how their fine motor control really does improve, so I always stick them into their portfolios.

Alright, back to our theme activities for the week. Using pictures of New Jersey Symbols I made a New Jersey memory game that we played in small groups.

Since we're talking about where we live, I thought that I would challenge my kids to draw a picture of their house. Early on in the year I like to get my class comfortable with "trying". Immediately I get "I don't know how", or "I cant" which just makes me so sad. I love children's art, and as long as they are trying I love it, and I want them to be proud of their abilities and their accomplishments.

We made handprint state bugs. A lady bug for Pennsylvania and a Bumblebee for New Jersey!

I printed out the state flag of New Jersey (and one Pennsylvania) and showed the children pictures of it. We talked about the colors that are one the flag and the pictures. Then we painted our own!

Using dot painters, we painted New Jersey Violets.

To end the week on a super fun note, we had a Bon Jovi dance party. It was awesome!

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