Saturday, September 13, 2014

Setting up the Classroom!

I can not believe an entire year has gone by! It feels like I just started this blog. It has been so fun each week reflecting on the projects and activities that we've done. As it got to the end of the year I wondered whether I would continue blogging, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought... YES! It was just too fun to stop!

So, I start this new year with setting up the classroom! An important part of any teacher's beginning of the school year. I got the room sparkling, the toys and shelves scrubbed, all my paperwork set and the room rearranged.

 First came cleaning.

Then came organizing and arranging.

 I reorganized my bookcase and files. I bought this filing cabinet at GoodWill and painted it... 
I love it!

 I updated my classroom bulletin board for parents with our schedules, important dates, my teacher bio and interesting articles and information.

Im so ready for the new school year!! Can't wait to meet my new class!

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