Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eggs, Eggs and MORE Eggs!!

In the weeks leading up to Easter, I decided to take advantage of the abundance of inexpensive plastic Easter eggs from the Dollar Tree and the really cool project ideas on Pinterest. Here are the games that i made. I would put these out as special center options or special game time with me!

From this pin, I got the idea to make a matching game with the alphabet letters. It's a great review tool and a unique way to do a matching game than with just cards.

I also did the same thing with the numbers that we study in our class, 1-30. (This one is a little trickier than the alphabet, but my kids do a great job of trying!)
And don't forget our shapes that we study!

I wonder how something like that would work with word families??

From this pin, I got the idea for this SUPER CUTE mix, match and sort game. I mean how cute is this?? All you need is some felt, hot glue, eggs and an empty egg carton!

The Dollar Tree also had some cute crystal and patterned eggs that I got to make a mix and match game. the kids love it.

To add to these egg-cellent games, Walmart had a cute Pickup sticks game that came in a carrot and a bunny tic-tac-toe. Why not, right??

I love it!

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