Monday, April 7, 2014

Flowers! (Y, 22, Yellow, Rectangle)

Our theme this week was "Flowers" and we focused on the letter Y, number 22 and we revisited the color yellow and square rectangle.

Our school is also getting ready for our Art Show. all the projects are completed I will take pictures and show you our super cool "Garden". It's getting exiting! This weeks little preview.... our Pumpkin Plant!

We read this week: Mortimer's First Garden by Karma Wilson
                               Arthur's Chicken Pox by Marc Brown
                               The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack
                               The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
                               The Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems

Our question of the week was "What kind of food do you think is super yummy?"

For our theme of the week, we sorted flowers again. Since we did this last week as a group, this time I just put the flowers out and let the kids play their own sorting game.

Okay, so celery is not really a flower, but we talked about how plants and flowers drink their water up from the ground and I thought the best way to illustrate that would be the celery experiment!
I got 4 celery stalks (full stalks with the leaves at the top) and put one in plain water, and one in each dyed water blue, yellow and red. I showed the class the set up and we made hypotheses about what would happen to the celery. (I made the worksheet up for this one).
Then we looked at the celery that had been sitting in the water for a few hours t osee what actually happened. That was what we recorded on our papers.

Just for fun I kept the celery around to the end of the week and it looked SO COOL!

We made yarn flowers! Ahead of time I cut out pieces of string in different colors. When they came over to my small group table I "drew" a flower in glue for them to cover in the yarn. I thought it was a nice little variance on strengthening their fine motor skills.

Our song of the week was "Pretty Flowers" to the tune of  Jingle bells from here.
"Pretty flowers, pretty flowers,

Growing everywhere.
Here are some pretty flowers
For your coat or hair.
Pretty flowers, pretty flowers,
Gold and pink and blue.
Red and yellow, orange and purple,

I picked them just for you!"
(C) 2001 - 2011 Jean Warren

We talked again about the color yellow. Bonus that it starts with our letter of the week!

We made a book about things that are the color yellow.

We talked about the shape rectangle. We made a list and walked around the classroom trying to find things that are the shape.

I also asked the children to practice finding and recognizing rectangles on a worksheet. It came from the book Alphabet, Colors, Numbers and Shapes.

When we worked on our number activities, we practiced writing the number and word for the number 22.

I made these worksheets that reinforces the one to one concept. The kids practice writing the number and have to color a square for each picture that they see.

For our letter activities, we used our handwriting sheet for the letter Yy from this book.

The students wrote in their journals for the letter y. It's really cool to see the children thinking about what they want to put in their journal. They love these books and always want to go through them when they're finished writing for the day.

We turned a Y into a Yellow Jacket! This book is great.

This book has great pages for helping the kids work on the letter recognition of both the capital and the lowercase versions of the letter, and they are always a little different, which is great!

We made a book about things that we did yesterday! I love making class books, because they can go through and look at them later to see the great work that they and their friends did! I got the idea for the book from Alphabet on Parade.

They made a little flip book about a yellow yo-yo from the Letter of the Week Book 2.

For our alphabet wall we made yaks! I got the picture of the yak from the Letter of the Week Book 1. Then the kids glued on some yarn!

Here are the words we came up with this week!

Up next week: "The Week of The Young Child/Hop-a-thon!" and a focus on the letter Zz, number 23, color purple and oval.

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