Monday, April 28, 2014

"Our Garden"- The Art Show Edition!

Okay, So I know I've been hinting at our school's art show for weeks now, and it's finally here! We all followed a garden theme, and it came out so much cuter than I ever thought it could.
(This was a great example for me how teachers and different age groups can come together to make something so amazing!)

I just HAVE to share some pictures, but I'll also run through at the end what each class did.

Our youngest class (infant-2.5) made: handprint flowers, painted river rocks and sprouted bean and sunflower seeds.
The toddler class (2.5-3.5) made: a footprint pond, rainbow fish, handprint flowers, footprint robins and paper plate birds
Our class made (3.5-5): giant flowers, bird feeders, pumpkin paintings, and frogs
The oldest class (5+) made: sunflowers, "stained glass" flowers and clay insects and bugs!

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