Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Construction! (P, 13, Yellow)

Our theme last week was "Construction" and  we focused on the letter P, number 13 and color yellow.
We read this week: Curious George Makes Pancakes by Margret and HA Rey
                               The 100th Day of School by Angela Shelf Medearis
                               If you Give a Pig and Pancake by Laura Numeroff
                               Curious George and the Puppies by Margret and HA Rey
                               My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz

We finished the month of January this week (CAN'T BELIEVE IT!) so we got to compare this year's weather and last years!

Our question of the week was "What would you like 100 of?" Some of these answers were great!

For our theme of the week, we did talk some about construction. Other thank some discussions about what construction is, and building with blocks, we focused more on two very special days that happened this week. I just have to share the sensory table from a younger classroom. How cute!

First we had our 100th day of school! My kids were fascinated by this and kept counting to 100 all day. We used construction paper, paper plates and dot paint to make 100 gumballs! In small groups we counted 10 dots for each color of paint to get to 100.

The Lunar New Year also fell this week. I bought this place mat from Pottery Barn Kids that shows the different animals. On the back I wrote little blurbs about what each animal stands for, years, and who they do/do not get along with. The kids loved finding out what animal year that they were born in.

We also colored pictures and made paper fans to celebrate with. This kids really put a lot of effort into their pictures, which I loved!

We talked about the color yellow, and we sang "Yellow Sun" to the tune of "Row your boat"
"Bright sun shining down,
Shining on the ground.
What a lovely face you have,
Yellow, big and round."
I got it from here!

When we focus on a color I love to do "color hunts" in our classroom. Each child takes a turn to walk
around the classroom and bring back something that they found that is yellow. The tricky thing is that they have to bring different things, no duplicates allowed! Here is what we found for the color yellow.

When we worked on our number activities, we practiced writing the number and word for the number 13.

I made these worksheets that reinforces the one to one concept. The kids practice writing the number and have to color a square for each picture that they see.

For our letter activities, we used our handwriting sheet for the letter Pp from this book.

We did this worksheet that helps work on letter recognition that I got from this book.

The students wrote in their journals for the letter.

We turned a P into a Pig! This book is great, although this week I made up my own.

I found this recipe for playdoh. The kids had a lot of fun playing with it!

The kids made a little  booklet calls Panda's Pillows that came from a Mailbox book: Letter of the Week.

We made a retelling of the story "If You Give a Pig A Pancake" with the kids kids each illustrating a page. I love making little class books, the kids love making them too and their parents love to read them. I usually hang them up next to our Car Talk so the parents can flip through them at pickup.

I made 3 pizzas out of paper plates and cut them into halves, quarters and eighths. The kids had a lot of fun putting them together and playing with the slices.

Playing hot potato was super fun as well.

For our alphabet wall we made puppies!

Here are the words we came up with this week!

Look at this adorable cupcake from one of the other classrooms!

Up next week: "Ground Hogs and Shadows" and a focus on the letter Qq, number 14 and color gray.

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