Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alphabet Envelope Games

I really wanted to have letter "games" on hand to play with my kids, or to let them play a game on their own. Using Letter of the Week projects from The Mailbox books, I created these little activities.

The instructions are the same for each game, I really wanted to make it simple for my kids to get them used to playing group games on their own. They have to take out all the pieces, divide them up, and then take turns figuring out if their picture starts with the letter or not. If they aren't sure what the picture is, I wrote the word underneath so that they *hopefully* use the letter clues. Each game is self contained in it's own envelope that I got from staples (of course I got the eco-friendly recycled ones =]) I mentioned these games in the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom post, but here are all the letters!

I love the idea of these games and can't wait to make more! I love having something in the centers that occupies the kids and the love. Maybe some math and science themed envelopes... hmm. =]

If you have done something like this, or have any ideas, please share!!

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