Sunday, June 1, 2014

Big and Little! (R, S, T and 30)

Our theme this week was "Big and Little" and we focused on the number 30, and reviewed the letters R, S and T.
We finished the month of May this week, perfectly on Friday =], so we talked about our weather this year and last year. We do the weather every day as one of our Morning Meeting jobs.

For our calendar, we made an AAB pattern. They did awesome!

We read this week:  The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
                                There's a Hippopotamus Under My Bed by Mike Thaler
                                Little Cloud by Eric Carle
                                The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Our question of the week was "What are you bigger than?"

For our theme of the week, i gathered a few items from around the classroom and asked in small groups about what larger and smaller means. One day I asked them to tell me which was larger, and the other day I asked for the smaller object. I always ask them why they think their answer is correct, and I love to see their reasoning and thought process. To go along with this, I had them complete these  two worksheets that I found in Shapes and Measurements.

The class wrote in their journals about something that they are smaller than.

I cut colorful straws into different sizes, and the kids in small groups organized them into piles by size. (I forgot to take a picture =[)

Our song of the week was a review of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" which we'll be singing at graduation..... which is only 3 weeks away!! Yikes, I need to get moving!

For our number,  I made a worksheet that reinforces the one to one concept. The kids practice writing the number and have to color a square for each picture that they see.

30 is the highest number that we focus on in detail. (My kids definitely love counting to 100 and higher at lunchtime) We used our math boxes to help us count, and then we worked on their writing of the number and the word for 30.

For our letter activities, we reviewed writing and finding the letters that we are talking about; R, S, and T. These pages came from Letters for Little Learners.

The letter of the week books have pages that you can make into a book. I picked from both to get my "favorites". Each week, we work on some of these pages, and each child at the end will have an alphabet book. I like to do these pages, because not only do they get more practice writing the letter, but they also have to finish the sentence on the page, which is really cool. It gets them thinking!
This week the "R" page came from Book 2, the "M" page came from Book 2, and the "N" page came from Book 1.

We also worked more on recognizing our review letters in the tongue twisters from Alphabet and Counting. We used this book to turn our letters into fun animals, but on the pages is also a little tongue twister. I printed it large and made a picture, then laminated them with contact paper. Using wet erase markers, we take turns finding the letters that are hidden!

We kept working on our sight words! Every morning we go over around 10 of them. Once we've mastered them, they will go on our sight word wall! So exciting! We're working our way through the 220 Dolch sight word list.

Speaking of sight words, from Confessions of a HomeSchooler, I got these great sight word pages. We continued this week with the words "run".

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