Friday, December 27, 2013

Morning Meeting/Circle Time

Morning Meeting is great way to come together, talk about the day and get ready for what's ahead. I think the way we do our group really works for our class, so I thought I would share it with you!

This is the "bookpit" where we meet!

We start our meeting with Show and Share. Each child has one day that they can bring in something special to share with the class. They then take three questions from their classmates about their item.

Next we talk about the Schedule of the day. We talk about the different activities that we are going to do, where we are going to have our play time (outside or in the gym) and flow of the day.

After we talk about the schedule, we go into our daily jobs. I go through who has each job that day.

We sing our attendance song:  
                           Teacher- "Name of child," are you here?
                           Class- Yes dear teacher, he/she is here or No dear teacher, they're not here.
When the child's name is called, they come up to me to get their name tag. When we're finished, the Attendance Helper walks around the circle and collects all the cards while counting. Then we discuss how many friends came to school that day.

The Calender Helper then has to name the number date of the previous day, and decide what today is. I got this pocket calender and the numbers from LakeShore Learning. Each month has different pictures and two colors, so you can make patters on the calender. (We're going to start that in January.) The calender helper then has to name the day of the week for today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Then the Weather Helper gets their turn. They look out the window and talk about what they see, then we decide by those clues what the weather is. They make the arrow point to the weather and then color a block on the graph. (I saved all of the weather charts from last year, so when we get to the end of a month, we compare the different weathers.)

Time for the Pledge! The Flag Helper comes to the front of the circle to hold up the flag while we say the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Substitute takes over if any friends are absent or if they need some help with their job. the Line Leader leads us if we leave the classroom to play in the gym or outside.

Another plus to having a job, is that in the afternoon, they pick a song for us to sing during our mini-afternoon circle time!

After our jobs are complete, we sing our song of the week, then read our story for the day. We then talk about our letter, number and color/shape of the week, and then we start our work or playtime.

How does your circle time go? Leave a comment!

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